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I found my shrimp yesterday snacking on this *disgusting* bristle worm. UHG!! These worms are normal in a salt tank and even beneficial but they gross me right out. I hate how FUZZY and iridescent it is. There's one in my tank that is at least 16 or 18 inches long, and I wasn't even seeing the whole thing. *GAG* luckily it hangs out in the sand most of the time (unless something dies and it comes out to help dispose of the body) so I don't have to see it but I'm not looking forward to the possibility of unearthing it when we take the tank apart when we move. >.<

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I took this awhile ago when Jake upgraded to his 2 wheeler (with training wheels, of course). I thought I posted this but I guess I didn't. So here it is. Also, I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe Lightroom for processing. Up until now I've just been using iphoto which really only has a couple things you can adjust. It's pretty awesome. I can't wait to try it with RAW files next, instead of JPEGs.
bob and jake

I had a request for more kid pictures. So, here's one.

Kyocera ceramic knife

Kyocera ceramic knife

I got this knife for xmas (thanks Phil!) and I've been wanting to take a pic of it, but it just didn't seem to do it justice to pose it with some innocuous veggies, so I was waiting to get a big slab of red meat. Because although this knife may look rather unassuming, I have grown to respect it. The blade is ceramic instead of metal and in certain lights it is even translucent, which is what I was trying to show here, with this lighting. I realize now that it could almost look like a reflection in the blade, but it's not. You can actually see through it.

Pickles of the Month.

Pickle of the Month Club
For my birthday, Kelly made me a 'Pickle of the Month Club'. 12 jars of various kinds of pickles, individually wrapped so I have to wait till each jar's month to open them up. 

These are January's (tomatoes) and February's (beets) pickles.


Jake models my new shoes

Jake modeling my new Docs. (the ones that FIT!)

because white is the new black


I've been wanting a pair of white Docs for a few years now, and apparently I finally hinted enough and Pooky got me a pair for my birthday!

Pooky: those are fantastic
me: fantastic as in, super awesome or as in like, ridiculous and mythical.... like unicorns....
Pooky: uhm.... like unicorns.

lol, well... I like them! Unfortunately, they're too big so we have to exchange them. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait a few more days.