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Bob's diorama

Bob's diorama
Bob had to do a diorama for school. I took him to Michael's to get some stuff to make it and much to my surprise they actually have stuff specifically for making diorama habitats. I thought I was going to have to improvise. Who knew!
So, I drew the background, but he painted it. (after giving him some pointers on doing washes and stuff. I guess he announced proudly during his presentation that his mom showed him some "techniques", lol) And then I helped him with some of the placement of stuff, but he made the creatures out of this strange crayola clay that's actually more like a weird marshmallowy foam. I love the scorpion. 

diorama closeup
        Here's a close-up, with the snake.



Apr. 4th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
You know, I don't think I ever made a diorama before this! But it was fun! I wouldn't mind trying to make a more intricate one sometime. They had stuff for all different kinds of habitats.

Yeah, I almost forgot to put the blooms on the cacti. I already had them glued in place so I had to rip them up and put on the blooms and glue them back down, lol. I especially liked working with that ground cover. I like how it really looks like dirt but it was actually made out of some kind of foamy stuff that resembled finely ground couch cushion stuffing.

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