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Birthday Boy

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jake!

             thinking about the funfetti cake 


Little guy, big bed
Jake demonstrating his preference for our bed over his own.

Dreaming about riding a roller coaster
He often sleeps like this, and we think he looks like he's riding a roller coaster.

Bob's diorama

Bob's diorama
Bob had to do a diorama for school. I took him to Michael's to get some stuff to make it and much to my surprise they actually have stuff specifically for making diorama habitats. I thought I was going to have to improvise. Who knew!
So, I drew the background, but he painted it. (after giving him some pointers on doing washes and stuff. I guess he announced proudly during his presentation that his mom showed him some "techniques", lol) And then I helped him with some of the placement of stuff, but he made the creatures out of this strange crayola clay that's actually more like a weird marshmallowy foam. I love the scorpion. 

diorama closeup
        Here's a close-up, with the snake.


completely unrelated photos

Better late than never.
This one was obviously meant for St. Patrick's day, but alas.... late as usual.
They're serious about speeding on Shea Blvd.
This one I took because this ARRAY of crime-fighting cameras cracked me up. I think one is for speeding, one is for red light running and maybe one is for illegal nose picking? Whatever they're for, I think their bases are covered.
This one is alternatively titled "Processed like Velveeta" because I took it through a tinted window, because I'm a pro.
He lasted a lot longer than the green one.
This guy bit it. Poor dude. I usually don't have to take things out of the tank when they die because within hours, the janitorial staff makes short work of them. This guy is still completely intact, even though the crew worked on him for like 2 days. Obviously a quality crab. (except for the being dead part)

weekly kid pics for the out-of-towners

This is RARE. Notice how he's holding his snack there? He fell asleep mid-snack. 

I think Bob looks like Paul McCartney here. Also, a little bit like Mary Louise Parker. 

This picture is a bit blurry (I think because I was laughing) but it cracks me up. Obviously Jake's little impromptu nap ended about .5 seconds after this was taken.

March's PotM: pickled green beans
This is a little late but... 
March's Pickle of the Month: pickled green beans :)
hard drive
and, a hard drive.

(btw, Kelly, that's your old hard drive ;)

Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?

The Cure song "Charlotte Sometimes" + my old handle from when I used to MUD.

Jake got the first one of these fish about a year ago, as a party favor. It quickly became his favorite toy. He takes it to bed with him every night, has tried on more than one occasion to take it in the bathtub, takes it in the car, etc.
A couple days ago, Pooky and Bob were at Walgreens and found a bunch of them. ($1 each!) So, they bought 3 more of them to place around the house to mess with Jake. Jake was wary of them first ("no want!!") but has since warmed up to them and now he carries around a little school of fish with him.